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Why are medical scrubs important to wear

Did you ever think about why people in the hospital or other medical institutions always wear scrubs clothing? Maybe not, or maybe you did. In this blog article, we are going to explain why medical scrubs are important to wear. 


  1. Provide protection

The main reason why nurses, doctors and other care takers have to wear medical scrubs is because they provide protection. Nurses and doctors have to work with many people each day. All those people have their own bacteria and fluids. If a patient body fluid will be on the clothes, the doctor or nurse are protected against it. This is because the scrubs material are thick enough that the fluids won’t go through the clothes and come on the skin. 

  1. Are functional

Not only does the Koi scrubs provide protection, but they are also functional. Everything you need right for medical clothes. Often the scrubs have multiple pockets, deep enough for a paper or a pen.

  1. Are comfortable 

When working in a hospital you have to wear good clothes that are warm enough and that are easy to wear. And ofcourse they have to sit comfortably. Scrubs are specially designed to fit the standards. They are comfortable, warm, easy to wear, protective and functional. 

  1. Easy to recognize the employers

Another benefit of wearing scrubs are that you can easy recognize the employers of the hospital because they all wear the same scrubs. There is no distinguish between the nurses and the doctors also all wear the same lab coats. 

  1. Economic friendly

With many people having to wear the same kind of scrubs, it can cost a lot of money to make the scrubs. However, most scrubs are made from good quality fabric against low costs. Because of this, wearing scrubs is very economic friendly. Most scrubs materials are good for more than one year. Even after washing and drying the scrubs, they are still in a good shape. 


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