• FIFA 21: Update 4: FUT And Volta


    Update 4 for FIFA 21 has been live for a few days. It brought several changes to the gameplay and fixed some of the game’s biggestissues. Update 4 will be one of the last major patches to the game before the release of the next-gen version. This article will focus on the changes made to the various game modes.

    Let us start this article by one of the most beloved game modes of the FIFA Football franchise: FIFA Ultimate Team. The Transfer Market tab of the Squads screennow has new animations for items bidding results. In addition, a new icon will appear when you use the Radial Menu on the Transfer Market tab of the Squads screen. That icon will give you visual information on the status of a particular bid. Co-op messaging windows will now be more specific.

    The update also fixed some issues that the community experienced in FUT. For example, match lobbies will now display the round trip ping value instead of a one-way numerical ping. Club badges will always appear on the team’s kits. The text on the compare price function will now have the correct color. The first goal of a match will now appear in the post-match highlights and the more options menu will now appear correctly.

    In Volta Football, there have also been some big changes. Invites to a Volta Squads match, sent through the Xbox Dashboard will no longer allow the receiver of the invite to join the match. In Volta squads, the players will now be able to see Active Event’s Division and Rank from the VOLTA Squads HUB, the rewards available in that event and placement Matches information until the player has completed the five matches.

    Concerning the issues in Volta, your avatar will now have the correct match rating, even if the match ends early. Your AI controlled teammates will now perform kick-ins towards the right targets. Stamina and fatigue effect will no longer affect the players in the wrong way. Volta coins and growth bonuses will apply to all the players when playing with invited teammates. Avatars that you can recruit will now wear the correct clothes.

    We have seen how update 4 affects two of the main game modes in FIFA 21. Next time we will focus on the last changes the update made to the game. If you need cheap FIFA 21 coins, you can visit U7buy store.


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