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Common Office Layouts

A great office is one that’s been designed for high performance, strong productivity levels and suits your team. The type of office layout you choose is most definitely down to the type of business you are – but with so many choices, there’s a right way for every business.

From open plan to partitioned and co-working to cubicles, each layout gives the office environment a different dynamic. Each option is easy to achieve and can be implemented at any time.

Now, we’d like to hear from you – how does your office work and what layouts do you prefer?

Open plan

An easy to achieve office design, is the open plan office. An open office space, without dividing screens or walls leaves the entire room or office floor open, creating a fresh & inviting feel.

Without divisions between areas, the whole office flows and plenty of natural light will brighten the space.

Partitioned Offices

An office can be partitioned for numerous reasons such as noise levels, adding more privacy and to divide departments.

Office partitions also have many different finishes, therefore adding to the office design, and continuing the chosen theme. Available finishes range from acoustic fabric, easy clean laminate and clear acrylic.


The cubicle is the ultimate partitioned space. Cubicles are a single office area that have been created for individual working. Often created with 3 walls or partition screens at the sides and in front of the desk.

Individual working isn’t suited to everyone but for those who must work in this environment may find they are less distracted and have higher concentrations levels.

Co-working space

Co-working spaces are a modern take on office working and bringing together different companies all in one room. By renting desks and office space, the chance to meet new people, find new opinions and keep your working day fresh – is available every day!

It’s a new group of people, in a new desk which shows the office environement in a whole new light.


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